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3D Animation

Telling a story with only 3D computer generated images is a complete other field of film making.
Our passionate animation team can provide your show of 3D animation, or deliver a fully 3D animated feature.
From the first model to the final rendering, Storm can make your show the way you want it.
Even with the option of stereoscopics, a complete film immersion is on top of our hands.

Recent Work


3D animation

Concept art / Storyboarding

We can help you with visualizing your animated film. Whether it’s moodboards, character and set design or a complete (moving) storyboard of your movie, you can rely on Storm’s experienced specialists.

3D animation

3D Modeling

Whether it’s a packshot for a commercial or a character for a feature film, we can create any type of 3D model your show requires.

3D animation


We provide rigging artists to make the best possible rig for any model or character.
A well-rigged model is the basis for every successful animation.

3D animation

Texturing / Shading

Texturing is the actual process of giving the objects its texture. For example, a brick wall is given an actual brick texture image.
During shading, objects are given specific properties that define how an object reacts to light. This in combination with its textures and lights define the final look of an object.

3D animation


Having delivered the first stereoscopic feature film in the Netherlands, Storm is the go-to company for stereoscopic grading, compositing and delivering.

3D animation


Computing CGI shots or effects can be a time-consuming and surprisingly tricky procedure.
We have the hardware, software and experience to finish on time and to budget.
Our main render engine for rendering CGI is Arnold.