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Besides our core post production services, Storm also supplies less obvious ancillary services.
These include our proprietary Dailies system, supervision throughout your project’s post production process,
and even advice on the new Dutch Cash Rebate.

Other Services


Watch the first rushes of the shooting day in minutes on your preferred device.
Storm has successfully developed software that will sync, log and backup your footage fully automatically and with unmatched turnaround times.

Other Services

Software Development

When the necessary software or pipeline tools are not on the market, we have the option to create them ourselves with in-house software development. In recent years we have successfully developed and shared several proprietary tools that speed up our workflow.

Other Services


Sharing edit versions has never been easier and safer than with our Review system.
Clients can decide who can see updates on our secure Review website and annotate the versions. Notifications of all sorts are available to make sure everything and everybody involved is up to speed.

Other Services

Post supervision

If you need someone to manage or consult on the workflow of your show, Storm can provide them. We offer experienced post producers to help you supervise your project.

Other Services

Cash rebate

Producers finishing their film in the Netherlands can apply to the Dutch Film Fund for use of the cash rebate system, which offers up to 30% cash back on post production. Ask us for more information.