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visual effects

Our artists are passionate about shaping cutting-edge effects.
But they also understand that sometimes art lies in concealing art, so they are also skilled in making seamless changes to a shot, which nobody will notice.
Thanks to many years of experience and a passion for altering images, they are particularly good at it too!
Our supervisors, producers and artists support all stages of your production,
from pre-viz and concept art through to delivery of the finished project.


David van Heeswijk

VFX Supervisor

Visual Effects IMDb

Raphaël El Khaddar

3D Artist

Visual Effects IMDb

Pim Reinders

Houdini Artist

Visual Effects

Timo Aaldriks

Compositor / Software Engineer

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Pim Meijer


Visual Effects

Becanti Wijnbergh

Freelance Compositor

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Visual Effects

Concept Art

Our graphic artists can help you create stunning visualizations for your idea.
We can build a visual style for look development or storyboards to help you with the story andbreakdown of shots.

Visual Effects


In previsualization we create complex shots in a basic 3D setting.
This way we can explore camera moves, lenses, timing, choreography and more.

Visual Effects

On-set supervision

VFX supervisors lead our teams of artists and are responsible for ensuring that your creative aims are met. Storm’s supervisors have many years of experience and possess strong technical and creative backgrounds. They are always on hand to help make informed decisions about the most efficient and effective VFX techniques.

Visual Effects


Our team of Nuke compositors lies at the heart of our visual effects department.
Our artists are passionate about creating seamless visual effects.

Visual Effects

CGI Effects

Need explosions, fire, smoke, rain or water? Our CGI FX artists can create everything that couldn’t be shot on the set.

Visual Effects


CGI is a fun but technically complex discipline, consisting of a variety of skills like Modeling, Rigging, Animation, Texturing, Simulation, Shading, Lighting, Rendering and Pipeline.

Visual Effects


Storm has developed in-house tools to quickly and efficiently generate crowds of lively, realistic people, perfect for filling up big, empty spaces like squares, stadiums or battlefields.

Visual Effects

Matte paintings and Set extensions

Why film it if you can paint it?
Our matte painting artists are able to create landscapes or set extensions that are impossible to capture on set.

Visual Effects

Live action VFX production

Our seasoned VFX supervisors and post producers can help you with the production of unforeseen VFX. While you focus on the overall organization, we produce for you the incidental service.

Visual Effects

3D Tracking

In 3D tracking, also known as matchmoving, the camera movement of a shot is tracked and reproduced in a 3D environment, so CGI elements added to the original shot will match perfectly.