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Apenstreken met Aap Noot Mies

Apenstreken met Aap Noot Mies (feature film)

Set around 1900, ‘Apenstreken’ (‘Monkey Business’) tells the story of orphan Wim, who badly wants to go to school, instead of spending his time doing forced labor in the city’s factory. By his own cunning, and with a little help from a small monkey, Wim finds new friends, a fun school and a loving family.

Storm did the titles and visual effects for this 3D stereoscopic feature film.


  • Producer: Nijenhuis & Co

  • Director: Johan Nijenhuis
  • Camera: Maarten van Keller

  • Editor: Bas Icke, Jasper Quispel
  • Color grading: Galaxy Studio’s – Peter Bernaerds