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Catastrophe (ultra short)

When a sweet and innocent lovebird lays dead in hey cage without a trace, all guilt seems to be on the cat Rodney. To prove his innocence, he desperately tries to put the cause at others, with catastrophic effects.

Storm did the 3D animation, visual effects, compositing, stereoscopics, titles, poster, and color grading for this ultra short.

Proud! Our ultra short “Catastrophe” is today’s staff pick premiere on Vimeo! 



  • ProducerKepler films
  • Director: Jamille van Wijngaarden
  • Director of photography: Mick van Dantzig

  • Editor : Jurriaan van Nimwegen, Erik Sluiter
  • VFX supervisor : David van Heeswijk
  • Art direction : Raphaël El Khaddar, Bart Otto

  • Lead rigging Maarten Heinstra
  • Lead animator Sem Assink
  • Set modeling & Texturing : Charlotte Vallet, Raphaël El Khaddar
  • Character modeling : Raphaël El Khaddar, Charlotte Vallet
  • FX Artist : Pim Reinders, Becanti Wijnbergh

  • Compositing /VFX : Maria Peralta Ramos, Timo Aaldriks, Roy Hoes
  • Poster Sietse van den Broek
  • Titles Bart Otto
  • Color grading : Remi Lindenhovius