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Das Wad (NTR Kort)

Das Wad (NTR Kort)

When Jewish gold digger Salomon ventures unto the mudflats with his metal detector, he makes an unusual find. His curiosity is stronger than his sense of history, and after he’s managed to unearth his buried treasure, he is no longer alone. He manages to save himself from the bizar event that follows – but at last doom still strikes.

Storm did the motion graphicsvisual effects and color grading for this NTR Short.

We are proud to announce that we have won the VNAP VFX Award for Best Visual Effects 2014 for our work on ‘Das Wad’ VFX Breakdown below.
Das Wad wins 1 Golden Calf award during the Award Ceremony of the Netherlands Film Festival.Best short film (Rob Lücker)


  • Producer: Hazazah

  • Director: Rob Lücker
  • Camera: Lex Brand

  • Editor: Peter Alderliesten
  • VFX supervisor : Luuk Meijer
  • Compositing / VFX: David van Heeswijk, Bart Otto, Martin Necas-Niessner, Timo Aaldriks, Jan-Willem Sanderman
  • Titles: Sietse van den Broek
  • Color grading: Daphne Maierna