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De Boskampi’s

De Boskampi’s (feature film)

Rik Boskamp is dreaming of a different life where he’s not constantly bullied in and one in which his father is not a total loser.

Storm did the titlesvisual effects and color grading for this feature film.


  • Producer: Hazazah Pictures, Shooting Star production

  • Director: Arne Toonen
  • Camera: Rutger Storm

  • Editor: Marc Bechtold, Brian Ent
  • VFX supervisor : David van Heeswijk
  • Compositing /VFX: Luuk Meijer, Timo Aaldriks, Martin Nečas-Niessner
  • Titles: Sietse van den Broek, Bart Otto
  • Color grading: Bart Verraest



  • Trailer Editor: Maurits Malschaert