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Teun is a young professional with good ambitions and a bad self-knowledge. He thinks he has it all. Teun is preparing for a performance review and he thinks his bonus and tenure is just a formality. Besides that, Teun is ready to ask his girlfriend Imke to live with him in his brand-new rental home. When his parents unexpected take Teun and Imke out for dinner, Teuns life takes turns he didn’t foresee and it gets difficult to hold on to his phantasm, even on Facebook.

Storm did the leader and motion graphics for this television serie.


  • Producer: Kemna & Zonen
  • Client: BNN/ 3lab

  • Director: Job Gosschalk
  • Camera: Max Maloney

  • Editor: Sander van Nieuwamerongen
  • Leader/ titles: Sietse van den Broek, Roy Hoes