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Erbarme Dich

Erbarme Dich

In an abandoned church with a group of homeless people as their audience, a couple of characters do reports of their special affair with Bachs music. The characters, opera director Peter Sellars, writer Anna Enquist and dancer Emio Greco are assisted by the Bach Choir and Orchestra of conductor Pieter Jan Leusink.

Storm did the motion graphicsvisual effects and color grading for this documentary.


  • Producer: Keydocs
  • Director: Ramon Gieling
  • Camera: Goert Giltay

  • Editor: Barbara Hin
  • Compositing /VFX: Luuk Meijer, David van Heeswijk, Martin Nečas-Niessner, Timo Aaldriks
  • Titles: Sietse van den Broek
  • Color grading: Bart Verraest