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Of ik Gek ben

Of ik Gek ben (feature film)

When a successful young artist named Benjamin is involuntarily committed, he is completely baffled, for he doesn’t remember anything about what happened. Life in the psychiatric insitute is violent and absurd, but step by step, Benjamin seems to come to grips with himself again. He starts to realize how narcissistic he used to be. When he is released and meets up with his old friends, he is confronted with yet another truth.

Storm did the postervisual effects and color grading for this feature film.


  • ProducerIjswater Films
  • DirectorFrank Lammers
  • CameraBert Haitsma, Alex Wuijts

  • Editor: Stanley Kolk
  • VFX supervisor : David van Heeswijk
  • Compositing /VFX: Luuk Meijer, Martin Necas-Niessner, Roy Hoes, Toon Koebrugge
  • Poster design: Sietse van den Broek
  • Color grading: John Thorborg