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Lucia de B.

Lucia de B.

Suspicion arises when Lucia, a wayward nurse, is present at yet another mysterious death. The more public prosecutor Judith finds out about this ex-prostitute, the more she despises the baby-killer she deems her to be. When the DA gives her full reign of the investigation, Judith gets the case she’d been looking for: the case of Lucia de B. But when a doctor working in the same hospital tells Judith that the only so called medical evidence of the murders might be unreliable, she starts having doubts about this ‘angel of death’. Premiere: March 2014.

Storm did the motion graphicsvisual effects and color grading for this feature film.



  • Producer: Rinkel Film

  • Director: Paula van der Oest
  • Camera: Guido van Gennep

  • Editor: Marcel Wijninga
  • Colorgrading: Peter Bernaers


Trailer Credits

  • Editor: Peter Alderliesten