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Mannenharten 2

Mannenharten 2 (feature film)

A lot has changed in the lives of our men, but in the sequel to ‘Mannenharten’, finding their true love turns out to be everything but a fairytale. So the search continues in full swing.

Storm did the titles and visual effects this feature film.


  • Producer: NL film

  • Director: Mark de Cloe
  • Camera: Jan Moeskops

  • Editor: Moek de Groot
  • VFX supervisor : Luuk Meijer
  • Compositing /VFX: David van Heeswijk, Timo Aaldriks, Roy Hoes, Martin Nečas-Niessner
  • Titles & motion graphics: Sietse van den Broek, Roy Hoes


Trailer Credits

  • Trailer editor: Leon Noordzij