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Off Ground

Off Ground

A light grey room. A slender woman of 50 and a 12 year old boy. Joined together like the links of a chain. Changing positions at a constant rate. One flowing movement. Never losing touch with each other. A game played by a mother and her child. A kind of tango. Sound of feet. Breathing. Faint smiles. Until suddenly the woman’s hands let go of each other.

Storm did the motion graphics  and color grading for this short dance film.


  • Producer: Jvdw Film

  • Director: Jakop Ahlbom, Boudewijn Koole
  • Camera: Melle van Essen

  • Composit /VFX: Luuk Meijer, Marcel Da Costa
  • Poster/ title design: Sietse van den Broek
  • Color grading: Xavi Santolaya