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Tula The Revolt

Tula The Revolt

Storm did the postermotion graphicsvisual effects and color grading for this feature film.

Tula, a slave on the island of Curacao, is becoming more and more aware of the injustice existing between his people and the white oppressors. In a peaceful way he tries to establish a more equal relationship between black and white. His peaceful resistance does not find any response with the rulers. But it does with his own people. Caught by his inspiration, they unite in a passionate struggle for equality, freedom and brotherhood.


  • Producer: Fisheye Feature Films

  • Director: Jeroen Lijnders
  • Camera: Dolph van Stapele

  • Editor: Herman P Koerts
  • Composit /VFX: David van Heeswijk, Luuk Meijer, Bart Otto, Jeroen Smeets, Cedric Profijt, Micha de Graaf
  • Poster/ title design: Sietse van den Broek, Bart Otto
  • Color grading: Daphne Maierna