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Wilde Mossels Remastered

Wilde Mossels Remastered

Fifteen years ago ‘Wilde Mossels’ opened the Netherlands Film Festival to great acclaim. The raw tragicomedy of three friends trying to escape the drab and boredom of their backwards country hometown struck a chord with reviewer and audiences alike. This year it’s back in a fully digitally remastered version to reacquaint viewers with it in all its gritty splendor. Though Erik de Bruyns debut film was hailed as a masterpiece of Dutch cinema, nothing but a low quality DVD was available to the public. With his new film J. KESSELS opening the Netherlands Film Festival this year, director Erik de Bruyn, producer Peter van Vogelpoel, EYE filmmuseum and STORM post production conceived of the plan to digitally remaster the film to grant it the digital release it deserves. To achieve this the original negatives were scanned and the entire film was digitally color graded. All the dust and scratches were painstakingly removed and combined with brand new audio mix. At the Netherlands Film Festival, ‘Wilde Mossels’ will premiere again after fifteen years with a celebratory cast and crew reunion. Afterwards it will be released by EYE, and later this year it will appear on DVD, Bluray and VOD. ‘Wilde Mossels’ features Fedja van Huêt, Frank Lammers and Frederik Brom.

Written and directed by Erik de Bruyn, produced by Peter van Vogelpoel and Erik Schut Camera by Joost van Gelder, edited by J.P. Luijsterburg, music by David van der Heyden, sound by Eddy de Cloe and production design by Ben Zuydwijk.


  • Coördinatie: Anne van Es
  • Scanning: Jan Scholten
  • Distributie: René Wolf, Gonda Raben

  • Colorist & DI producer: Jack Kuiper
  • Online Edit, Data Management & DCP Mastering: Martijn van Houten, Jeroen Vrielink, Mels Kroon
  • Dust Busting /VFX: Martin Nečas-Niessner, Luuk Meijer, David van Heeswijk, Joris van Seggelen, Bart Otto,
    Timo Aaldriks, Jenny van Son, Roy Hoes, Raphael el Kaddar, Toon Koebrugge
  • Titelrol/ Trailer: Sietse van den Broek, Tommie Mathé
  • Advies color grading: John Thorborg, Bart Verraest
  • Titelontwerp & -uitvoering: Guido van Eekelen, Ton Wolswijk
  • Digital remastering: Peter Warnier, Nardi van Dijk
  • Posterontwerp: Wouter Overhaus